Aida Rosende-Pérez is Lecturer in English at the University of the Balearic Islands. Her research has focused principally on the politics and poetics of transnational feminism, specializing in transnational women’s literature and cultural production and paying special attention to the narratives and (audio)visual productions of contemporary Irish women writers and artists. Her research interests also include questions of embodiment, new materialisms, world literatures, film and television studies, and most especially affect studies in relation to feminist and anti-racist cultural practices (literature, cinema, TV, visual arts) in the context of neoliberal globalization. She is currently a member of the project “Bodies in Transit: Difference and Indifference in Globalized Cultures”, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science Education and Universities; as well as the regional project “Poéticas del Activismo: Interseccionalidades Literarias y Culturales en Lengua Inglesa en el mundo contemporáneo” (Comunitat Valenciana). She is co-director of the book series Studies in Gender Violence (Edicions UIB); and Managing Editor of Oceánide (Journal of the Spanish Society for the Study of Popular Culture).