Angela Goff (BA, HDE, MA, PhD) currently teaches history at Waterpark College, Waterford, and is a committee member of the interdisciplinary research forum “New Crops, Old Fields” at Queen’s University Belfast. She has recently completed post-doctoral research, and co-authored a report, based on the creative and cultural industries of the South East region of Ireland as part of the Cultural Capital Research Project, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. Her PhD explored cultural constructs of national identity in Irish saga-inspired musical composition, which focused on interpreting works by Frank Corcoran, Aloys Fleischmann, and James Wilson. Publications include “Musical Interpretations of Fenian Literature” (2017), “Peadar Townsend’s Musical Portrayal of Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s Adventures” (2015), and “Irish Identity in Fergal Carroll’s Song of Lir” (2014).