Carolina P. Amador-Moreno is senior lecturer in English linguistics and Director of the Research Institute for Linguistics and Applied Languages at the University of Extremadura. Prior to joining the University of Extremadura, she held different teaching positions at the department of Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Limerick, and was also lecturer in Hiberno-English in the English Department at University College Dublin. Her research interests centre on the English spoken in Ireland and include sociolinguistics, stylistics, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics and pragmatics. She is the author, among others, of An Introduction to Irish English. London: Equinox (2010); the co-edited volumes Writing Orality. Lewiston, New York: The Edwin Mellen Press (2009); Voice and Discourse in the Irish Context, London: Palgrave (2018); and Fictionalising Orality, a special issue of the journal Sociolinguistic Studies (2011). Other publications include articles in the journals Intercultural Pragmatics, English Language and Linguistics, Irish University Review, or the International Journal of English Studies. She is a member of the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CALS) and the Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies Research Network (IVACS) at the University of Limerick.