Inés Praga is Professor of English at the University of Burgos (Spain). She is the author of Una belleza terrible: la poesía irlandesa contemporánea 1945-1995 (Barcelona, PPU, 1996), Diccionario Cultural e Histórico de Irlanda (in collaboration) (Barcelona, Ariel, 1996), Ireland in Writing. Interviews with Writers and Academics (in collaboration) (Amsterdam, Rodopi, 1998) and the editor of Irlanda ante un nuevo milenio (Burgos, AEDEI, 2002) and La novela irlandesa del siglo XX (Barcelona, PPU, 2005). In 1998 she was conferred with an honorary degree in Literature by the National University of Ireland (Cork). She was founding member of the Spanish Association for Irish Studies (AEDEI) in 2000 and she is currently the honorary chair.