José Francisco Fernández is Senior Lecturer in English literature at the University of Almería. He has edited two books on the short story in English and is co-editor of Irish Landscapes (University of Almería, 2003). His publications include the collective volumes Contemporary Debates on the Short Story (Bern: Peter Lang, 2007) and Distancias cortas. El relato breve en Gran Bretaña, Irlanda y Estados Unidos (Oviedo: Septem, 2010). He has recently edited the collected stories by Margaret Drabble (Penguin, 2011). His most recent work focuses on the narrative prose of Samuel Beckett and his reception in Spain, including “A Long Time Coming: The Critical Response to Samuel Beckett in Spain and in Portugal” (The International Reception of Samuel Beckett. New York: Continuum, 2009) and  “‘Echo’s Bones’: Samuel Beckett’s Lost Story of Afterlife” (Journal of the Short Story in English, Spring 2009). He has also translated two novels by Samuel Beckett, Sueño con mujeres que ni fu ni fa, together with Miguel Martínez Lage (Tusquets, 2011), and Mercier y Camier (Confluencias, 2013).