Josep Baró Casanovas graduated as a Primary School Teacher of English in 2005 (Universitat de Barcelona). Before graduating, he spent six months in Sweden as a teacher trainee. Since 2005 he has worked as a primary school teacher, and has participated in long-life learning programs for teachers in Italy, Sweden and The Netherlands after being awarded a teacher-training grant from the European Union. Furthermore, he is an ICT and a Moodle learning management system trainer for teachers. He also holds a First-Class Honours BA degree in English Studies (Universitat de Barcelona, 2020). As an independent researcher, he has given the lecture “Democracy, Immigration and School: the Case of a Public School in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona” at the seminar Democracy and Immigration: the Cases of Catalonia and Australia (Universitat de Barcelona, 2019); he has co-written the article “‘Love Me Or Leave Me’: An Analysis of Love as a Polarised Discourse in Pop Music” (Blue Gum Journal, 2019), and has recently given lectures on the Irish band The Cranberries for students of English at EOI Sabadell (Spain). At the time of this publication, he is one small step away from completing an MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).