María Jesús Lorenzo-Modia is Full-Professor of English Studies at the Universidade da Coruña and Dean of the Faculty of Philology. Her latest publications include monographs: Mid Eighteenth-century Female Literary Careers in The Monthly Review and The Critical Review, with Mónica Amenedo Costa (ArCiBel 2018); journal articles in Multicultural Shakespeares  (2017); Coolabah (2017); Boletín Galego de literatura (2017), ES Journal. Spanish Journal of English Studies (2017), Multicultural Shakespeare: Translation, Appropriation and Performance (2017), Women’s Studies: An inter-disciplinary journal (2018), Oceánide (2020); and book chapters in Bloomsbury The Reception of George Eliot in Europe (2016), Ex-sistere. Women’s Mobility in Contemporary Irish, Welsh and Galician Literatures (Cambridge Scholars, 2016), Femmes auteurs du dix-huitième siécle. Nouvelles approches critiques, Honoré Champion (2018), The Invention of Female Biography (Routledge, 2018), Out on the Fields. Reimagining Irish Literature and Culture (Rennes Univ. 2018), and The Ethics and Aesthetics of Ecocaring: Contemporary Debates on Ecofeminism(s), with Margarita Estévez-Saá (Routledge, 2019).