María Elena Jaime de Pablos is Senior Lecturer at the University of Almeria, Spain, where she teaches English Literature. Her major research interest is Irish literature, with a special focus on women writers and gender issues, as well as literary translation. She is the author of nearly sixty essays (articles and book chapters) and the author, editor or co-editor of nineteen books published by prestigious national and international presses. Among the most recent ones: Giving Shape to the Moment: The Art of Mary O’Donnell, Poet, Novelist and Short-Story Writer (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2018), Mujeres, feminismo y género en el siglo XXI (Sevilla: Arcibel Editores, 2018), Remaking the Literary Canon in English: Women Writers, 1880-1920 (Granada: Comares, 2018). She is currently the Associate Editor of Raudem, Revista de Estudios de las Mujeres, an online journal on Women’s Studies, the manager of the research group “Women, Literature and Society” (“Women, Literature and Society”) and the Secretary of the Communication and Society Research Centre (CySOC) based at the University of Almeria.