Rosana Herrero-Martín is Doctor Europeus in Theatre and Performative Studies (University of Salamanca, Spain); she holds a M.A. in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama (University College Dublin, Ireland), a M.A. in Publishing Studies (Instituto de Postgrado, Santillana Editores & Universidad de Salamanca), and a B.A. in English and German Philology (University of Salamanca). She has written the book The Doing of Telling on the Irish Stage: A Study of Language Performativity in Modern and Contemporary Irish Theatre (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2008). She has worked as Spanish lecturer in Colby College (Maine, USA), Instituto Cervantes, University of Bremen, University of Oldenburg (Germany), and as Spanish Lecturer appointed by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation at Antigua State College and University of the West Indies. Her main areas of interest are theatre & performance, post-colonial literature, literary translation, bilingualism and migration.