Bernardo Santano-Moreno is a senior lecturer in English literature at the University of Extremadura. His main fields of research are the language and the literature of Medieval England and translation. His publications include translations into Spanish of W. Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Acantilado, 2013) in metrical form; W. Blake’s Prophetic Books, 2 vols. (Atalanta, 2014-2015); Beowulf (Cátedra, 2019); W. Faulkner’s Absalón, Absalón! (Cátedra, 2020); an anthology of Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Works in prose and verse (Cátedra: 2021). In the area of Beckett’s studies, he has coedited the volume Samuel Beckett: Literatura y Traducción/Littérature et Traduction/Literature and Translation (Peter Lang, 2020) and has also participated in the volume Samuel Beckett en Español. Bibliografía Crítica de las Traducciones de su Obra (Universidad de Almería, 2019).